Love—a fascinating word… isn’t it? But very few of us understand the true meaning of love. Let’s find out the real sense of it by some of the best life quotes on love by Lord Krishna. We have curated a list of famous life quotes on unconditional love from Mahabharata and Gita. Scroll down to read the purpose and quotes on the fascinating word.

The Divine Love of Radha-Krishna

Love – A four-letter simple word, but every individual has their own understanding about it. In the world of unhappiness and complaints, teachings from Krishna can help you a lot to clear your doubts about it.

Also, teachings from Lord Krishna can make you rethink the complicated yet simple word–love. 

So, What do you think about this four-letter word ‘Love‘?

We all know that Lord Krishna and Radha shared love, and now they symbolize love and affection. The enchanting story of both will make you think—why did they haven’t got married?

Lord Krishna believed that marriage is just an agreement, while love is a selfless emotion. He also believed that unconditional love is when you pledge to someone with purified nature.

Radha’s love for Krishna was eternal. She believed that he (Krishna) was a God, and she was her devotee. Their love is so pure that without Radha, Krishna is incomplete, and without Krishna, Radha can never be completed.

They are worshipped together as the divine couple. However, they never get married. Their love is exemplary for teens, where he says marriage is materialistic. Furthermore, Lord Krishna says, “We usually confuse the word attachment with love. However, they possess a different meaning.”

Do you think attachment and love are the same? Comment in the below section and let us know your thoughts. If you are confused between these two words, continue reading the quotes on love by Shree Krishna to know the difference.

Life Quotes on Love

The immortal love between Radha and Krishna gave a new meaning to true love. Let’s understand the meaning of real love by Krishna.

Here are some of the famous sayings from Bhagwat Gita and Mahabharata that will uncover the meaning of true love.


Quotations on Love by Krishna

“The true outcome of religious worship is

the revival of true love for the Supreme Personality of Godhead,

which continues under all circumstances.”


“Do everything you have to do,

but not with greed, not with ego,

not with lust, not with envy,

but with love, compassion, humility, and devotion.”

Quotations on love in English

Love Quotes by Krishna


“Fill your mind with me.

Love me, Serve me, Worship me always.

Looking for me in your heart, you will, finally, be joined with me.”


“Blessed is a human birth,

even the inhabitants in the sky desire this birth, for true wisdom and pure passion may be achieved only by a human being.”


“The most wonderful elements on this planet

can’t be viewed or listened to but must be felt with the heart.”


Life Quotations on Affection by Krishna

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“By serving me with steadfast love,

a gentleman or a lady goes behind the Gunas.

“Pleasure is achieved by reducing your desires.”


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Life Quotes by Lord Krishna

raadha-krishna-love-quotesQuotes on love by Krishna

“What do as for? Would it be beside you forever?


“Embrace that character? Then, learn to abide.

It might be you are not proposed to be together now, but

proposed to be in tomorrow.”


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Quotes on Life by Krishna


Quotes by Krishna

“An actual follower is within my soul,

and I am always in the soul of the true follower.

My followers do not know anything else except Me,

and I do not acknowledge anyone else but them.”


“I have come to You without Me.

Come to Me without You!”


These were some of the most popular quotes that will make you think about love differently. Rethink about love, and do not forget to share these unconditional love quotes by Lord Krishna with the person you love or think of the most. It could fill your life with love and happiness.

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