When it comes to living a happy life, the teachings from Buddha will make you rethink joy and will let you know why happiness matters in life. Let us know some quotes to be happy in life by the enlightened Gautam Buddha.

But before moving forward, let us know who Buddha was.

Who was Gautam Buddha?

So, in between the 5th or 6th century BC in India, Buddha was born into a king family and was named Siddharth Gautam

It is said that he was not allowed to go beyond the place he was living, but then when he experienced the realities of the outside world, he was eager to know about enlightenment.

Then, after spending years in meditation and taking life experience, he achieved enlightenment and named Buddha.

With his experience of life, he believed that one could achieve enlightenment only when his mind is compassionate, focused, and free from attachment.

He also believed that people who live in the present moment are happy and focused.

After achieving enlightenment, Buddha started giving teaching to others.

He created a religion where his disciples come to take lessons from him.

Afterward, religion got named Buddhism.

In his teachings, he shared his thoughts and experience, facts of life that can lead anyone to enlightenment. 

Now, let’s have a look at some of the best and meaningful quotes to be satisfied by Siddharth Budhha.

Quotes to be Happy in Life from Buddha

Here are some of the best quotes by Siddharth Gautam Buddha.

Read every quote from Buddha to know the value of happiness in our life.


quotes to be happy

“Joy never come to those who are not grateful for the things they already own.”


“The thing that begins, ends as well. Having peace with it will make everything well.”


short quotes about happiness

“As soon as you understand how beautiful everything is, you are going to tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”


“A vessel is filled drip by drip.”


motivational quotes on life

Life Quotes by Buddha

“Numbers of candles can be inflamed from one candle, and the life of the candle will not be reduced. Joy never diminishes by sharing.”


“The sun, the moon, and the truth are the three elements that cannot be sneaked for long”


inspirational quotes about life and happiness

Quotes to Be Happy in Life

“Understand what drives you ahead and what takes you backward, and determine the route that heads you to enlightenment.”


“Virtue or pollution relies upon oneself. Nobody can filter another.”


success quotes gautam buddha

“Success isn’t the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.”


“Happiness is a choice, not a result.

Nothing will satisfy you till you wish to be upbeat.

No individual will satisfy you except if you choose to be cheerful.

Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come FROM you.”


happy life quotes and sayings

“The problem is, you believe you have a lot of time with you.”

“When you yourself come upon a pathway that draws you privilege and pleasure to all,

follow this course as the moon ventures through the stars.”

Cute Happy quotes short Quotes

my happiness quotes

“Joy is not dependent on what you own or who you denote;

it completely relies on what you believe.”


“Your mind is the root of satisfaction and sadness.”


an happy mind

Quotes to Be Happy in Life

“You will not get any trail to pleasure: pleasure itself is the trail.”

“Pleasure is not possessing a large portion. It is delivering a great part.”


quotes on meditation by buddha

Happiness quotes

“A restrained brain brings bliss.”


“To savor great wellness, to lead real peace to one’s family,

to carry harmony to each of them, one should initially train and control one’s own brain.

On the off chance that a man can handle his psyche, he can discover his approach to illumination.

All shrewdness and goodness will normally come to him.


quotation to live a happy life

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination.”


“An individual asked Buddha, ‘I want pleasure.’ Buddha said,

‘First, remove I. That’s ego.

Then remove want. That’s desire.

Now you are left with only happiness.’”


gautam buddha show piece

Quotes by Buddha

“It is ludicrous to believe that someone else can tender you fortunate or afflicted.”


“Our beliefs develop us; what we think, we enhance.

At the point when the brain is unadulterated, delight follows like a shadow that never leaves.”


quotes of joy

Quotes of Joy

“Set your heart on doing great. Do it again and again, and you will be loaded up with happiness.”


Satisfaction is a decision, not an outcome. Nothing will satisfy you till you choose to be upbeat.

No individual will fulfill you except if you choose to be glad.

Your bliss won’t come to you. It can just come from you.

guatam buddha statue for study table

Merriment Quotes

“Delight is not something ready-made. It originates from individual activities.”


“One who seems on honesty is delightful on this planet and yonder.”

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Happy Motivational Quotes


meditation in a garden

Quotes to Be Happy in Life

“If you are adequately tranquil, you will learn the course of the world.

You will see its rhythm. Go with this course. Joy lies ahead.

Meditation is key.”


“No one saves us but ourselves. Nobody can, and nobody may.

We personally must tread the way.”


gautam buddha show piece for living room

“Generosity brings joy at every grade of its interpretation. We encounter happiness in molding the purpose to be unselfish.

We endure pleasure in the exact action of giving something.

And we endure happiness in identifying the event that we have furnished.”


“Even your most dangerous foe cannot wreck you as serious as your personal candid opinions.”

statue of siddharth gautam buddha

Life Quotes

“The path to pleasure is: let yourself be free from frost, your brain from distress. Relish, give enough. Saturate your life with affection.

Perform as thou would be affected by.”


“May all creatures have smiling souls.”

Quotes About Happiness and Love


how to be happy in life

“Joy begins when your job and commitments are of use to yourself and others.”


“It is good to visit properly than to arrive.”


quotes on meditation by gautam buddha

Quotes to Be Happy in Life

“Do not judge anything, to be happy. Forgive all the things; to be happier. Love Everything, to be the happiest.”


“It is in the quality of things that pleasure mounts in a body freed from regret.”


blissful quotes by buddha

Quotes for Joy


Quotes about being Happy with Yourself


“Happiness doesn’t come by possession or ownership but by a scholarly and kind heart.”


“Never give your consideration to what others perform or are unable to perform;

deliver it to what you perform or miss to perform.”

teachings by siddharth gautam

Buddha Quotes

“ Live every act thoroughly, as if it were your end.”


“If we could recognize the wonder of one flower clearly, our entire life would transform.”


“Teach your brain to observe something useful in everything.”


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