Foods with iron in it. Do you know the most important nutrient for the body is iron? Just like other nutrients, it also plays a vital role in our health system. It has various important functions such as carrying oxygen to every single part of the body with the help of red blood cells. A normal person should minimum consume 18 mg of iron daily to maintain their health. A deficiency can occur if the intake is less than what is being utilized from our body. Iron deficiency can cause anemia and fatigue.

To improve a daily diet and maintain a proper intake of iron that these 10 food items must be eaten:

1.  Eggs, Red Meat, Liver, and Giblets

Eggs, red meat, liver, and giblets are the top source of iron for the human body. Animals are rich in irons and proteins. Two large eggs have approximately 1.68 mg of iron while on the other hand, ground beef of 4 ounces has around 2.63 mg of iron. Organ meats like liver and giblets are also rich foods with iron in and are sufficient to fulfill the day-to-day requirement of iron. 1 ounce of pork liver has 6.63 mg of iron and a chicken giblet has around 6.1 mg of iron. 

2. Oysters and Mussels

These two ingredients are also rich in iron content. Oysters are seafood that is rich in iron, zinc, vitamins, and many other nutrients. A plate of 5 raw oysters can contain 3.23 mg of iron accompanied by 27.5 mg of zinc and 6.12 mg of vitamin B12. However, if someone finds it difficult to eat oysters or mussels then there are other plates of seafood also which can fill the minimum requirement of iron such as salmon fish, crabs, etc.

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3. Chickpeas

Chickpeas salad

A friendly vegetarian food item that is rich in iron. Apart from animals based foods, there are also vegetarian foods that are rich in iron to stabilize the demand for it. A single cup of chickpeas can help you to get 3.7 mg of iron which is more than some of the non-vegetarian products. They are often called garbanzo beans and can be eaten with salad or with some pasta mixtures. Adding lemon juice can help a lot in absorbing iron in your body.

4. Cereal

Any fortified cereals during breakfast can be of greater help as they are widely rich in iron sources. It is a complete package of iron and other nutrient supplements for a person in the morning. These cereals can provide up to 9.39 mg of iron in a single cup but duly check the amount of iron in the nutrient content and prefer choosing a less sugar added cereal, excessive sugar can reduce the iron content. Apart from iron, cereals can help a lot to fight constipation and reduce diabetes chance.

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5. Pumpkin Seeds

By size, they may look small but their iron content is far better than any other food item. Pumpkin seeds have 2.7 mg of iron content in just 1 ounce of the bowl. They must be eaten raw without their shelves. However, excessive consumption of seeds can lead to some health issues in kidneys and excreting problems but in limited quantity, they are one of the best sources of iron content.

6. Quinoa

Quinoa salad

Also known as a pseudocereal, quinoa is a good food item to suppress the iron deficiency in our body. A single cup of 185 grams of quinoa can contain 2.8 mg of iron. Apart from iron, quinoa doesn’t contain gluten which is good for those people who don’t prefer gluten in their food or have gluten intolerance. It is also highly rich in protein, folate, magnesium, copper, and many more than any other grains. It is also more antioxidant activity than any other grain to protect our cells from damages from any radicals.

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7. Broccoli

A green vegetable that is delicious and nutritious to eat. Broccoli is rich in iron and is also a good source of it. A single bowl of 156 grams of cooked broccoli can deliver 1 mg of iron. Broccoli is also rich in vitamin c that helps in absorbing iron properly in our body. Broccoli belongs to a cruciferous vegetable family that helps in fighting against major diseases such as cancer.

8. Lentils

Another source of iron, lentils are just like legumes which are worth being shown in the top 10 list. A better and deliciously cooked lentil can provide 6.59 mg of iron just by consuming one cup of it. They also contain 15.6 mg of fibers making them one of the richest sources of nutrition for our body. Lentils are a very adjustable ingredient since they can be easily served with salad, soups, burgers, and portions of pasta. They increase the nutritional value of food items.

9. Spinach

foods with iron in

A famous show of “poppy the sailor man” showed what spinach can do to our body. Spinach is indeed rich in iron, calcium, proteins. No matter how you prepare it, they remain an excellent source of nutrition. They contain 3.79 mg of iron in a single bowl of boiled spinach. Calcium, proteins, and vitamins help in increasing immunity and enhancing the eyesight of the person. Due to its bitterness, it becomes difficult for children to make them eat but there are ample ways in which green leafy vegetables can be served deliciously to fulfill iron deficiency.

10. Sesame Seeds

With a nutty taste and rich in iron source, sesame seeds are also a good source of iron for our body. A single tablespoon of sesame seeds can contain approximately 1.31 mg of iron which is enough to boost the morning work. An easy way to eat them is to mix them either with salad or a portion of normal diet food. With iron, they are also rich in phosphorus, vitamin E, and zinc.


As shown from these 10 foods with iron in it, iron plays a vital part in our body along with other nutrients such as proteins, fibers, vitamins, and fats. All the foods disclosed above are rich in every single nutrient. A workout individual should strictly follow the diet plan to maintain their iron level as it carries oxygen to various parts of the body.

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