The most quoted English Writer—Shakespeare has written and shared many quotes that can leave footprints on our minds. Today, in this post read the most famous life quotes by Shakespeare and understand the depth of life.

Quotes by Shakespeare

Here I have curated a list of the most famous quotations by Shakespeare. Scroll Down to read the most famous sayings by Shakespeare on life.

Thy life’s a miracle.
King Lear

Reason thus with life:
On the off chance that I do lose thee, I do lose a thing that none yet idiots would keep.
Measure for Measure

Life is a shuttle.
The Merry Wives of Windsor

Leave life alone short: else disgrace will be excessively long.
Henry V

quotes by shakespeare

Quotations by Shakespeare

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What’s more, a man’s life’s close to saying ‘One.’

Love to deficiencies is consistently visually impaired, consistently is to satisfaction slanted. Untamed, winged, and unconfined, and breaks all chains from each psyche.

William Shakespeare

The hour of life is short; to spend that brevity basely was excessively long.

Henry IV Part 1

O gentlemen, the time of life is short!

To spend that brevity basely were excessively long,

On the off chance that life rode upon a dial’s point,

It is still ending at the arrival of an hour.

Henry IV Part 1

There where my fortune lives, there my life kicks the bucket.
King John

Mine honor is my life; both fill in one:
Buy courage from me, and my life is finished.

Richard II

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At the point when a dad provides for his child, both chuckle; when a child provides for his dad, both cry.
William Shakespeare

Give what gave thee life unto the worms.
Henry IV Part II

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Defeatists bite the dust ordinarily before their demises; the courageous never taste of death yet once.
Julius Caesar

Life no longer than thy love will remain,
It relies on that affection for thine.
Sonnet 92

Obliviousness is the scourge of God; information is the wing wherewith we fly to paradise.

William Shakespeare

There isn’t anything either fortunate or unfortunate, however, thinking makes it so.

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Life’s nevertheless a mobile shadow, a helpless player, that swaggers and frets his hour upon the stage, and afterward is heard no more; it is a story told by a numbskull, loaded with sound and fierceness, implying nothing.


Also, this, our life, excluded from public frequent, discovers tongues in trees, books in the running creeks, lessons in stones, and great in all things.

William Shakespeare

“Be not terrified of significance: some are brought into the world incredible, some accomplish significance, and some have significance pushed onto them.”

Twelfth Night

So these were a portion of the well-known quotations written by Shakespeare on life from his various books. Which one is your favorite quote by Shakespeare; and what you think about life. Comment in the below section to share your thoughts.

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