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Hello Friends !!
I am Riya Bhalla, a life coach, blogger, and Digital Entrepreneur. I help people accomplish their desired goals, live their life blissfully, and grow rich. Developing yourself is a deep-rooted process.
So, going through the ideas that have been shared on this site can –
Help you with distinguishing the abilities you need to set, raise your self-confidence, get success opportunities and lead to a satisfying life.
Here, at mediumquest you will come to know how to: know your strength, Change your beliefs, get Success Mindset, Stay Happily, and much more than this. This blog is for all those people who are willing to improve themselves by putting in some effort.

If you want to make the most out of this website, then:

1. You need to stop being stubborn to your own thoughts and beliefs

If you think you know everything and want to stick to your own beliefs, you won’t be able to taste the real essence of life.I appreciate people who are open to learn and experience new things.This blog will help you to know what mindset is and how you can transform your life by shifting your mindset.

2. You need to stop expecting a good change in life, without changing your lifestyle

If you do not want to change the way you live but want some good change to happen, then I am not the one whom you should follow.I help people live peacefully and achieve their goals.And this can happen only if one is open to change their thoughts and perception.

3. You only blame your destiny

If you are the one who blames your destiny for every single thing and does not put effort to transform your life, then I am not the one who can help you out.If you are not looking at what you are doing wrong,And keep on complaining and blaming your destiny for everything happening in your life,You are indirectly blaming and cursing God.

Here, at mediumquest you can get an idea of where you are doing mistakes in order to live a better life.

4. You Blame Others for your own Weakness

If you have a habit of blaming others for your own weaknesses, then you will definitely not like my advice.I encourage people who are strong enough to accept their flaws and work on them one by one.And this blog will help you in understanding your flaws and how to work on them.If you are still reading out, this is what you can expect from my blog:

Learn How to Balance your Work and Life to Get New Opportunities

Think Positive

Boost your Self-Esteem

Know your Self-Worth

Live Peacefully and be Calmly

Find happiness in whatever you do

Growth Mindset

Accomplish Goals

Transform your life with free content

The Fastest Way to Transform Your Life


Time Management

A definitive Guide to Managing Time

Affects of MultiTasking

A Book to Comprehend, How Multitasking kills Productivity

The Secret to Solving Problems

A Book to Help you Find a Solution to All your Problems​

“So, Why Should I Trust You?”

That’s a great question.And the only thing that I want to say is:Don’t Trust Me!
Instead, feel free to explore and try out some of the free material mentioned here, and you will see the change.I only share things after experimenting with them in my personal life.If you follow my recommendation, you will see a positive change in your life, and that too without spending tons of your cash.
If you have any query or facing any challenges, or are feeling disappointed in your life, you can directly get connected with us.


Stop Juggling! Balance your Work and Life Smartly

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Stop Juggling! Balance your Work and Life Smartly

Get proven tips on Productivity, Life Hacks, Building Connections, Personal development, and balancing Life.
Directly to your inbox.
Get proven tips on Productivity, Life Hacks, Building Connections, Personal development, and balancing Life. Directly to your inbox.

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