Everything has been completely flipped upside down in the year 2021…Isn’t it? The pandemic of this year has literally changed everything, and that’s the reason it is affecting everybody’s life. A ton of us are in quarantine this year as well; thus, it is truly simple, to be ineffective. So today, let’s know how to be productive in the pandemic this year.

While being in quarantine, you don’t need to work or to go to class; so, you can snooze, utilize your telephone as much as you need, eat, and hit the hay at whatever point you need.

In short, your whole routine is unsynchronized! Isn’t that true? So, in this case, you are left with two choices. The first one is, you can make a proper quarantine schedule for yourself and the second is you can go wild and not have such a routine whatsoever. So which one is better?

Now, some of you are most likely shaking your head and feeling that you needn’t bother with such a routine whatsoever, which may very well happen to be valid.

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Here, I would say, Never make a routine if you do not want to be productive or don’t want to get things done.

If you are planning to take a break during the quarantine period, then go for it. Never make plans that could hamper your relaxation time. Take a break and relax, and then come back with a fresh mind.

But if in case you want things to be done properly, then I must tell you that you can be productive during your relaxation time as well. Thinking how? Let me describe it by quoting an example.

For instance, you head to sleep at 2 in the night, and then wake up at 12 PM the next morning; you just woke up, and you grab your phone and scroll it for the next 2 hours lying on the bed. You haven’t got out of your bed yet, and it’s 2 PM now. Where did the day go?

Now, how acceptable would you say you will feel after waking up at 12 Pm in the afternoon? Will you be able to spend your day the way you wanted?

See, it’s not necessary to be productive all the time. You can take a full day break doing nothing and carry it for about two or three days (depending on your work schedule), but after that, you must plan your day this way that you can complete all your tasks plus you can get enough time to relax. If you are eager to work well everywhere, you should be knowing how to be productive at workplace as well.

A tip that works: Try to differentiate between being unproductive and wasting time. It could help you grow and create wonders.

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Do you know, making some basic routine will help you in having more time to relax and can even prepare you for being more productive? Here is how to be productive during the quarantine.

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Ways to be Productive during Quarantine

Create a schedule

The first thing that can help you to determine how to be productive is by creating a schedule. Now this means that you have to be realistic about your tasks. It also includes going to bed early. So, instead of being a night owl, head up to sleep early and wake up early in the morning. You can even follow this step after this period because scheduling your tasks can let you be stress-free(People working night shifts can plan accordingly.) Scheduling this way can help you to be more productive, and you will easily get time to relax.

Prioritize your to-do list

Now, the next one is to prioritize your to-do list. Choose the tasks based on what needs to be completed on that particular day. If you can, try multi-tasking. But pair only those activities together that do not need much attention, else you won’t be able to give your 100% to both the activities. Learn how to be more productive at work to know how to prioritize your to-do list.

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Learn a new skill

During quarantine, you can have enough time to learn something new. This is the time that you can invest in yourself to groom your knowledge. And you know, the best part of learning a new skill in your free time is, it can develop your personality, plus it can add extra marks to your resume. That doesn’t mean that you should learn something only to add points to your resume. You can learn anything of your interest or that makes you knowledgeable. People who keep on updating their knowledge are more likely to be successful than people who take it for granted. You can watch videos and read articles on how to be more productive at work from home.

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Know when to take breaks

Now, this point is the most important one to know. Working the entire day can make you slower and slower and slower. But, if you can recognize your signs of exhaustion, you can get the most out of your life. Taking short breaks after every 2 hours could keep you energized and make you feel relax.

Have some fun

The last point is by adding a fun element. You don’t have to take stress to be productive. As adding fun can make a life stress-free, it can make you productive as well. What you can do is, you can divide your tasks in such a way that you could get some time left for fun activities as well. Avoid grabbing your phone this time. Instead, pursue your favorite hobby or something that makes you childish. It is the best way to refresh your mind to be productive.

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