Anger—this one word can lead you to many problems…isn’t it? How to control anger, the term itself is becoming the most common problem in today’s generation. But what if it diminishes from your life…Isn’t that great?

So here are some tips to control anger. Long-tempered can also try these tips, as they will help you to diminish and manage your anger to live a stress-free life.

Discover a few of the best hacks that are useful in reducing anger. Moreover, know why do we have anger emotion and what its importance is.

Anger is a complex emotion for some people in displeasing situations. It can completely overpower them before the discretionary parts of their brain can think of making a proper judgment.

Tips to Control Anger?

Angriness is never a problem until the time you know how to control it. So, here are 17 anger management tips for you to get control over your anger:

1. Breathing technique

Angriness accelerates our breathing. The first and foremost way to get control over your anger is to breathe slowly when your anger hormone gets activated. Taking deep breathes until the count of 10 will work wonders.

tips to control anger

2. Journal

A useful tip, journaling can reduce your anger in a few minutes. Just take a copy and a pen and start writing your mind out.

3. Listen to music

Another critical point is to listen to music. Put on your headset and play some music of your choice. You can also sing the lyrics and enjoy the song to relax.

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4. Do something you like

Do something you like the most. Even if you are not able to focus, try doing it. Slowly and steadily, you will notice your anger got wandered.

5. Exercise

Exercising is beneficial in making your life blissful. Go for a walk or do any physical activity of your choice to calm your mind.

6. Entertain yourself

Entertainment is what your brain seeks when you are upset, or you are angry. Entertaining yourself reduces your anger- you can watch a movie, a series on Netflix, cartoons, or even your favorite show.

7. Relax

Another way to control your anger is to relax your body and your muscles. Relaxing slows down your temper. To relax, you can walk around, sit idle, or just lie on a couch; it will give you a relaxing feeling.

8. Chit-Chat

Talking to a friend is what you need sometimes. Rather than sitting alone, call your friends or your dear ones and chit-chat with them. Spend your time with people who can make you smile and who can divert your mind from the things that making you irritated.

rose in a book

9. Read books

There are lots of books that can influence your mind. Select a book of your interest and engage yourself in it. You can download the book apps where you can find thousands of books of your interest.

10. Visualization Technique

Sit in a quiet place or a tranquil room, close your eyes, and imagine any relaxing scene—scenes like a waterfall, etc. Focus on the details of the picture you imagine, like – the chirping of birds, or the color of the water, for instance.

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11. Podcasts

Listen to the podcast. It will not only reduce your anger but will also make you learn new things. You can choose the one you like and listen to when you are getting angry, listening to podcasts can relax your brain.

12. Repeat a phrase

Remember a phrase from the movie 3 idiots; All is Well! In the same way, find a word or a phrase that makes you calm down and try using the word next time you get angry. Repeating a specific term can deliver a message to your brain to relax.

13. Stretch your body

Some yoga movements like – Neck rolls and shoulder rolls are genuine instances of nonstrenuous. By stretching, you can control your body and tackle your feelings. And, the best part of stretching is there is no equipment required.

14. Delay the response

To add up more, I would say, try delaying a response because it can stop you from being in trouble. Instead of reacting at that moment, give yourself 15-20 minutes to relax your mind and then give a reply.

15. Find resolutions

Another tip on how to control anger is to find resolutions. You can find temporary resolutions to cool your mind. And then, you can fix those problems that are making you irritated or angry.

16. Laugh

As said, laughter is the best medicine. And that’s true. Try to laugh in a situation where you get irritated. It will help you in reducing your angriness and will give a pleasant feeling. But, don’t laugh loudly in a crowd; otherwise, people will start looking at you. 😀

17. Practice Gratitude

Take a moment to realize all the good things that happen to you. It will be beneficial for you to focus on good deeds because it can make your mind feel good. Gratitude also helps you in controlling your anger.

These were some of the anger management tips for you. To get the best results, try doing it every time you get angry. Slowly you will see the changes in your behavior.

Now let’s dive in deeper to understand the importance of anger and why do we have this emotion.

The Importance of Anger

Beyond the tips on how to control anger, it is important to understand its importance as well.

So, generally,

There are six primary emotions – Joy, Sad, Angry, Disgust, Fear, and surprise.

Out of the six emotions, angriness has a negative reputation; however, it plays an essential role in life.

Understanding the role of angry emotion can give you better life experiences.

Anger is a natural emotion, and getting rid of it is not an easy job. To live your life happily, try accepting this fact, and Rather than responding to it, you can learn how to control anger and act accordingly.

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Angriness is a powerful feeling, which makes a difference in discharging your stress. Apart from this, it too rouses us to take actions on which we are getting aggravated.

What Causes Angriness?

Beyond the importance of an angry emotion, some facts will let you know why you get angry. Know them as well; it might assist you in dealing with your temper in the right way.

There are numerous regular triggers for anger like – becoming irritated, feeling of ignorance of your opinion or efforts, personal problems, or it might be of unfairness.

how to control the anger

When you get angry, a part of the brain called the amygdala gets activated.

As soon as it gets activated, it starts releasing catecholamines and cortisol – these chemicals increase our heart rate and blood pressure, which makes us angry.

Also, frequent anger is not suitable for your health. Because these chemicals also release fatty acids, they can get accumulate quickly in our blood vessels.

And, if the blood flow decreases the chances of heart attack and strokes increase. To avoid these, have proper research on anger management and work accordingly. It will work as your savior.

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How to control anger, knowing this can give you a stress-free life, and it can also keep you away from many troubles. To save your self ‘Control your anger before it controls you,’ talk to yourself, analyze which things you get angry about, and after how long you get irritated.

Apart from this, consider knowing the nature of all the six basic emotions we have. If you know what they are and why do you feel those emotions, it will be easy to keep a balance between all of them. And, you can easily control your anger in healthy ways.

To emphasize more on anger management, give yourself some time, change your daily rituals, do what makes you happy, go for a walk or a drive, take healthy diets and lastly, eat dark chocolate.

So, was this post informative? Comment in the below section and let us know which of the following way you found the best to control your anger.

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