Feelings when in love: One Love Foundation has launched #LoveBetter, a new campaign aiming to educate us on healthy relationship practices and encourage us to commit to having healthier relationships with the people we care about. Isn’t that amazing?

So, just give a thought and think, what can you do to help #LoveBetter? You know, saying the three magical words I Love You is essential, but only if you’re ready to utter them out.

While it is important to use your words to convey your gratitude, there are several more methods to show your S.O.(Significant Other) You show concern without ever saying anything.

Keeping this in mind, here are 18 methods to express your feelings when you are in love with your significant other. You express your feelings for them without saying anything.

Expressing your Feelings to Someone you Love

Let’s understand what love really feels and some ways to express your love.

1. Be an Active Listener

There is a significant distinction between hearing and actively listening. The ability to hear is something that most of us take for granted. Our ears detect sound on their own. Listening, on the other hand, is something you intentionally choose to do. In other words, a good listener pays attentively to comprehend what the other person is saying. 

This is actively engaging in the discussion by asking insightful questions rather than simply absorbing what the other person is saying. A good listener is also aware of how their S.O. is trying to tell them something.

Body language may tell more about a person’s emotions than what they say. You demonstrate your S.O. by being an engaged listener. showing you are genuinely concerned about how they are feeling when in love. This brings us to our next point…

2. Ask Your S.O. How They Are Doing

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Don’t simply ask you’re significant other. Be detailed about how they are doing. Inquire about the project they’ve been working on since the beginning of the year. Inquire about their new employer.

This may seem obvious, yet we are frequently so wrapped up in the routine of a relationship that we forget to connect with our partners. This demonstrates that you are interested in what is going on in their lives.

3. Don’t Scroll…Talk!

Because of social media, we live in a very linked world. While being tuned in is beneficial to your online social life, it is not necessarily beneficial to your relationship. How many times have you been caught browsing through Instagram instead of talking to your significant other? 

Or reading our email while having a discussion. It’s sometimes beneficial to unplug and focus on being in the moment. Set aside regular time to focus on each other, such as eating dinner or working on a project together. This will benefit your S.O. sense like you are drawn to them and want to be around them. If you have no idea how to make your love life happening, you can go through this mind-blowing article – Keys to find Happiness in a Marriage.

4. Make Time for Them

You really wanted to go play ball with your friends or attend that new art exhibition, but you remembered you and your S.O. hadn’t seen each other having spent valuable time with each other. You may feel as if you are missing out, but you are compromising to make time for your S.O. demonstrates how much you care, Of course, you should not be expected to devote your whole time to your S.O.

However, making an effort to incorporate them into your plans is well worth the effort. A good partnership allows each individual to pursue their own interests while yet making time for the other.

5. Hang Out with Their Friends

Your S.O.’s friendships are likely to precede your own, so make an effort to get to know them. Making an effort to meet their friends will show your S.O. that you care about the people they care about and want to be a part of their world. Continue reading the article and know how to express your feelings when in love.

6. Send Them Random Cute Messages

Sending hilarious GIFs, charming emoticons, or sharing unexpected feelings when in love like “Thinking of you” or “Hey lovely, hope you are having a nice day” is a lovely way to show your S.O. you are thinking about them. You can also send them love quotes quoted by Lord Krishna to make their day special.

How to express love in words?

7. Leave a Love Note

We no longer receive handwritten messages since we can now communicate freely and swiftly through various means. However, there is something really romantic about discovering a letter on your pillow or receiving a postcard in the mail.

feelings when in love

Small gestures like this demonstrate that you are thinking about your significant other and value them enough to write them a thoughtful message. Finding words filled with love sentiments? Check out this article: Heart Touching Quotes on Love

8. Show Affection in Public

So, the next point to express your feelings when in love is by showing some affection. We’re not talking about outlandish displays of affection here, but the gestures like a lovely little hand grip or a peck on the cheek are all you need to show your S.O. you care without making the others around you feel awkward.

9. Be Your S.O.’s Loudest Supporter

Is he/she is your S.O. Are you working hard to get that promotion? Have they been working on a project that they are deeply invested in? Encourage them with your words and deeds by being supportive of their goals.

Do you have special expertise that might assist your S.O.’s project move forward? Offer to assist. Is your S.O. Now is an excellent moment to practice the active listening skills we discussed before.

You may help your S.O. by encouraging and supporting him or her. You are demonstrating to them that you care about their success and happiness by including them in their goals. 

10. Get Your S.O. Their Favorite Snack

Do you know what your significant other’s favorite snack is? When you go and meet them, take it with you. It is a simple and straightforward approach to make them happy. It will also demonstrate to them that you know them like the back of your hand.

How to Express Love Feelings?

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11. Make Your S.O.’s Favorite Dinner

It’s simple to just go out to eat together, and with so many options, it might become something you do automatically. Try preparing their favorite supper or cooking them breakfast in bed to spice things up a little and offer something unique for your mate. It will require some work on your side to prepare a special lunch for your S.O., but that is okay since that is what makes it special.

Looking more on feelings when in love? Scroll down and start reading.

12. Support Your S.O. Through Tough Times

Follow up on items you know your S.O. is interested in, is concerned about. It might be difficult to bring up something bothering you, but inquiring about particular circumstances that you are aware of will assist your S.O. in opening your eyes. Remember that you want to be supportive rather than preachy.

Allowing your spouse to vent without offering advice may go a long way. Finding a healthy balance between allowing your spouse to vent and assisting them in finding answers to their problems can be difficult, but a good rule of thumb is to ask your spouse if they are receptive to hearing you’re advice before giving it.

13. Lighten Their Load

Does your significant other despise doing the dishes? Surprise them by performing the duty that they despise the most. As long as you don’t feel obligated to do all of the chores, it’s a wonderful gesture that will make them pleased. Learn how to express love feelings to a girl and make your bond stronger.

14. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Resentment is the most damaging emotion to a healthy relationship. Giving up the impulse to have the last word and learning to let go can help you lay the groundwork for a good connection.

How to Express Love Feelings in Words?

15. Show Appreciation

Do you like how you can always rely on your S.O. when you require them? Do you enjoy how they can make you laugh at the most inconvenient times? Tell them what you like about them, or tell others what you like about your significant other.

When you are part of a group, expressing thank you goes a long way. Be explicit and demonstrate your S.O. what you are grateful for; this might even include praising them simply for being themselves!

16. Celebrate What Makes Them Unique

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We all want to be accepted and respected, especially by the people, we care about. Celebrate your S.O.’s peculiarities and allow them to be themselves. This creates a secure atmosphere for your S.O. to let down their guard and be their genuine self. Also Read: Love Quotations for Boyfriend

17. Be Spontaneous

Surprise your significant other with tickets to a game, a concert, a special exhibit, or a mini-getaway to their favorite place. Seeing their faces light up when you surprise them is arguably the finest gift you can receive, and it’s a fun way to show them how much you care.

18. Ask For Advice

Seeking your S.O.’s opinion is more of a gesture to demonstrate that you appreciate what they have to say and want them to be a part of whatever you are doing than it is about requiring help making a choice.

Conclusion: Express your feelings when in love by doing little things for your partner

You must be open, honest, eager to spend time with each other, and responsive to these chats to be effective in discussing your sentiments. It must be a process of reciprocity. Both of you have to share each other on an intimate level, not just one of you.

If your sentiments are difficult to communicate, try consulting with couples (both together and alone) to better understand what prevents you from taking an emotional risk and having heart-to-heart contact with your spouse often.

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