Looking for Happiness in a marriage? All married couples wish to stay happy and have a peaceful life.  Everyone dreams of having a married life, filled with happiness, love, care, trust, laughs, and giggles. But, happiness in life may remain elusive and one may look for the secrets to a successful marriage.

Although all married couples in the world wish to stay happy and have a peaceful life. Isn’t that true?

Couples pay, visits to monks and other monasteries, temples, churches, and other places to find happiness and joy in their life.

But, they fail to understand that there are other keys and secrets to a happy married life. Married people stay happy when both of them put effort, compromise, and understand each other. Therefore, one should always look for happiness in their married life

What are the secrets to find satisfaction in a marriage?

To be honest, there is no secret to a happy marriage. A married couple stays happy only when they both share the same values, respect each other’s opinion and never judge each other based on any situation.

You can’t make someone happy when he or she is not happy from within. Happiness should come from within our self. No one can pour happiness into your life. One can share happiness with his or her partner, but can’t make them feel happy with it.

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Happiness in married life will only come when you both promise to stay together and stick with each other through all the thick and thin. You can only find happiness when you perform acts of togetherness. We can see how teens dream of living a happily married life ignoring the harsh realities of life.

What should you do when you are not getting happiness in a marriage?

happiness in a marriage

It is not necessary that the married couple will always stay happy. It is very common for one to stay happy and the other not to finding happiness.

It may also happen, that one may put on regular efforts and practices, while the other may always ignore it. These types of situations may often destroy the relationship and further may lead to breakups and divorce.

So, how should you deal with such situations?

Instead of creating a negative situation, crying over the issues, and being worried, one should try to overcome this situation. Instead of counting and memorizing the wrong things done by your partner, you should be thinking of the good things that your partner does.

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You should memorize the situations of happiness and joy, love and care, hugs and affection. You should think of the times when your partner had made you feel special.

Like your big wedding day, your first meeting, your engagement day, your first moves with your partner, your late evenings, and all the things that had brought joy and happiness in your life.

Instead of blaming your partner, or making him/ her feel that they are wrong, you should first try to improve your own self. Making them feel unwanted or always complaining about them, can make them feel frustrated or even irritated.

You should try to improve your own self first. You should try to understand that all the couples you meet or see, are no perfect couples. Each of the couples ignores some traits of their partner and remains happy forever.

You should learn to accept the differences and appreciate the imperfection of your partner. Try these things out to find happiness in your married life. It will help you in leading a healthy and better life.

Simple Daily Tips for a happy married life

Here are some of the simple tips for your Happy married life:

dancing couple

  • Eat meals and watch television with each other, and spend a good time.
  • Indulge yourself and watch your old pictures and videos together.
  • Smile and look constantly at each other while the other one is cooking, doing work, or any other thing.
  • Find time to hold your hands and cuddle each other.
  • Eat together, and sip your morning coffee together.
  • Say the three magical words to your better half “I Love You” from time to time. These magical words will truly fill your life with lots of love.

So, these were some of the tips that we shared with you. However, there are wide options and it is endless.

Do any of the things make you feel special?

Pro Tip: Try to make your partner feel happy by doing small things. You can even play some indoor games together, or cook little things like cake, shakes and other things for each other.

What are the 11 keys to a happy married life?

Some of the keys of a happy married life are listed below:

hands and heart

1. Stay positive and be optimistic:

You should always stay positive and look at the brighter things in your life. You should stop complaining about your partner. Don’t look at your partner’s mistakes rather than find things that they do for you. Always have positive thoughts in your mind, and try to stay calm and happy.

2. Talk regularly:

Communication is the main element of any relationship. If you do not communicate properly, you may not be having a proper relationship. Learn to know their desires, honesty, and know about their needs and wants.

3. Maintain the same standard:

It is advisable for the couple to maintain the same standard in order to find happiness in a marriage. One should never let another feel that he or she is superior to the other one. Making one feel inferior, hurts a lot.

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4. Be Understanding:

For living a happy married life, you should always understand your partner. Always keep yourself in the other shoes, and feel the situation. You may get your answer, as to why he or she is not having nice behavior.

5. Find a solution to your problem:

Every relationship has problems. One should not make it a big issue. Rather than that, try to find solutions and overcome them. Always look into your problem and find its solutions. The serious solution to your problem will provide you with self-satisfaction and peace.

6. Have Fun and Joy:

From your busy schedule, always try to take out time for each other and have fun. Be it indoor games, watching movies, or anything that provides you with fun. Enjoy and live the moment.

7. Support and encourage:

Every individual requires support and motivation in each stage of their life. Be it physical support or mental support. You should always provide your partner, with the support they require, motivate them for being better individuals and encourage them in their life.

8. Do your best:

Always give your best in whatever you do, to make your partner fall for you. You will fail at once, but the very next time you will succeed.

9. Trust your partner:

Never look at each other, with any judgment or doubt. You should always trust your partner in whatever they do.

10. Don’t force for change:

Every human being is perfect in their own way. One should accept the other with their flaws and imperfections. You should never force the other one to change.

11. Be responsible:

You should be responsible for all the things. Even you are responsible for your own happiness. You should not blame the other one for it.


One should understand that no one in this world is perfect, neither you nor me nor anyone else. No married relationship in this world is happy. But do you know what’s the secret? “It’s you should find happiness in all the little things that life offers you. You should accept your partner with all the flaws and imperfections. And in this way, you will be able to find happiness in a marriage very easily.

Still, if you are not happy with your married life? Then, it’s your mistake. One finds happiness in all the relationships he has in his life, be it friends, family, cousins, or partners.

Hence, look into your life, into your own self. Find your self-worth and then work on it to improve. It will give you happiness, joy, and peace in your married life.

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