Have you ever thought about the power of thinking positive and why thinking negatively is simpler than thinking positively? No? 

Here is the reason why it happens.

So the thing is, in our brain, there is a circuit known as the Default Mode Network. And the primary responsibility of this circuit is to review the past occasions for our essential qualities. Thus, subsequent to gathering the contemplations from quite a while ago, the default network ricochets to our future by utilizing the information from our past occasions, and afterward, at last, it envisions the outcomes.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Let’s move a bit ahead and know some more realities about a positive mind.

Impact of Thoughts on your Mind

Now let us understand how thoughts can impact your mind.

Do you know your thoughts can persuade your temperament, decisions, and even your nervous system?

In fact, you know, each time you have a feeling, your brain starts discharging neurotransmitters and hormones. And these transmitters are useful to set’s up for your body and mind. Not only this, but it can also help your brain to react to imaginary circumstances.

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How your thoughts trigger your mind

You might agree that there is a point in everyone’s life when life is against them, and they get disappointed with their everyday life experiences. And then they start comparing their life with people who are happy all the time.

You might have come across these kinds of people, or maybe you might have experienced it in your life itself.

Isn’t it that we all think this way in this situation?

Do you know these are the situation where your mind attacks and triggers you?

So far, what I have understood is that the Grass is always Greener on the Other Side. It happens with everyone in life. So it’s all right. There is nothing to stress over.

Time Changes! And the only thing that you have to learn is to balance the two-phase (good and the bad time) of your life. So, be calm and relax your mind.

On the other hand, if you spend your days complaining about your life, you will end up losing hope. Even it can close the door to happiness as well. So, do not cry over it; instead, enjoy your life and learn to deal with the situation.

Does being Negative Ruin a life?

Yes, that’s true! Being negative can really ruin your life. You know I find people saying, “How things can change now when until this point, nothing has changed.” At times you might have also asked the same question in your life; everybody does.

The progression of the negative contemplations can be acceptable, however, how you manage it matters a ton. What’s more, you know what, in the event that you generally overwhelm yourself-at some point or another, you will end up being the most unsettled individual. Along these lines, I would state as opposed to contemplating all the wreck, consider something you are acceptable at. Nobody is perfect, and it’s okay! Just relax.

Meanwhile, you might get disappointed or disheartened from your life when you do not get what you want. And then, like you, everybody has a similar thought running in their minds—the idea of giving up on things.

To add more on the power of thinking positive, I would say, it’s anything but difficult to give up on things, accusing your life, and afterward, sit inactively.

In the future, whenever you have thought of disappointment, think of someone who doesn’t have problems? Think of people who do not have the things you have right now. The way you manage your thoughts matter’s a lot.

In short, it’s just the game of managing and priorities. So, know the power of thinking positive and bring new opportunities in your life.

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the power of thinking positive

The Power of Thinking Positive

Want to know how powerful is a positive mind and how it can impact your life? Then scroll down to read the power of positive thinking.

1. Releases stress

Do you know Positive thinkers are more capable of facing stress than people who think negatively? Negativity can bound you with your own thoughts. On the other hand, people with a positive mind can always look for ways to make their life simple.

2. It improves your Health

Another insane thing about thinking positive is that it has a powerful effect on your mind and body as well. Without a doubt, your thoughts and perspectives can have a powerful impact on your immune system. Hence, being positive in life can keep your body fit and fine.

3. Improves well-being

If you think positively, you can improve your well-being as well. And this can also bring happiness to your life. Do you know all the optimist people believe in the power of thinking positive? It is because being positive gives you many reasons to smile.

4. Better Reliance

People who think positively have the power to deal with almost all the problems they face in their life. And people who are better at resilience are more capable of facing trauma or crisis in their life.

positive thoughts about life

5. Changes the structure of the brain

Yes, you read, right! Thinking positively can change your brain structure. You can even read the book- the brain that changes itself. This book will let you know all the facts about thinking positively. If you truly believe in positivity, you can see the big changes in your thoughts and life.

So these are some insane points that emphasize the power of thinking positive. Now let’s talk about how you can Think Positive and try its insanity in life.

How to Think and stay Positive?

The thought about the power of thinking positive is to improve your capacity to decrease and deal with the conflicting views in your brain. Managing the mind chatter can keep your brain from getting bogged down every time you are distressed. 

You have spent days being negative about your life. So, is there any change? Are things happening the way you wanted? Take a pause and answer it in yes or no in your mind. Most of you will nod your head and say no. Right? So, if things are not working by thinking negatively, then why not change the way you live your life right now.

Change the way you think and observe what good change comes in your life.

It will not cost you, so why not try this. Maybe it can create wonders in your life. Right?

think positive or think positively

You can not forward your days. Along these lines, what’s the harm in exploring new things? It would help if you switched from negative to positive thoughts and design your life the way you day-dream.
Now, if your mind struggles to accept this new thought and says – nothing is going to change; give it a reason and say, what if the idea of switching to positive thinking changes my life.

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Want to know some more effective ways? Scroll down to read more about how to be and stay positive?

Here are some other insane but true ways that can make you think positive-

  • Surround yourself with people who find ways to be positive.
  • Avoid reading and listening to the news in the morning. Instead, start your day by expressing gratitude.
  • Focus more on what matters to you.
  • Be happy; watch something that makes you laugh.
  • The next thing that can bring positive change in your life is social media. Yes, you read, correct. You spend a lot of your time on social networking sites. Right? You can like pages that have motivational posts. And trust me, it will change your life and will give your mind positive vibes.
  • And the last point on my bucket list is to respect yourself. If you feel worthy, you can always stay positive.


Altogether, I would say that the power of thinking positive is—the more positive you are, the more positive outcomes you will get. What so ever some situations can always make you feel stressed. But it’s up to you that whether you want to quit or you want to win. It’s your call.

Being Insane to bring the best out of you can make your life blissful. Let this power be the game-changer for your life. 

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