“Happiness is not a goal, but a journey.” So, are you ready to go on this journey? I guess you would want to go…right? So make your trip memorable and blissful by understanding how to be happy.

As far as I am connected to the word happiness, I believe happiness lies within. And nobody can make you happy if you do not want to be.

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Now let’s find out some of the best ways that can make you happier than ever.

How to Be Happy?

You may find people who can make you smile or laugh, but it’s for a limited time. If you really want to be happy, you have to help yourself. So, let’s know what the ways that can make you more comfortable all the time are.


Ways to be Happy

Here are the 21 ways for you to make your living happier and satisfied. Point number 17 is a game-changer.

1. Believe in yourself

The first tip on my bucket list is to believe in yourself because it is the foundation of happiness. Also, if you have faith in yourself, you can create wonders.

2. Eliminate toxic people

In the world, complaints and pain getting in touch with toxic people can give you a strong negative emotion. So, to bring happiness to your life, try to cut down some toxic people from your friend list today.

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3. Watch cartoons

In addition to how to be happy, watching cartoons could be a great option to bring a smile to your face. Animations not only help you to relax your mind but, also gives you a pleasant feeling.


4. Be positive

A positive mind can find ways to be happy. No matter what, a positive mindset can bring happiness to your life. So, think positive and be positive. The best way to do this is by surrounding yourself with people who have a positive mindset.

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5. Healthy habits

Your habits play a vital role in making you happy. The more healthy habits you have, the more comfortable you will be. So, develop some healthy habits that could bring a positive change in your life. Reading books and meditation is some examples of good habits.

6. Express Gratitude

The most important thing is to express gratitude for all the things you have in your life. It means saying thank you to God to give all the good things in life. Being grateful can bring a good change in your life.

7. Spend time with your family

Money is not the only thing that can bring happiness to your life. Relations play a vital role in our happiness. So, instead of going after money, spend time with your near and dear ones and fill your life with joy.

8. Talk to yourself

The next point on how to be happy is to talk with your own self. The reason why self-talk work is it helps in knowing our inner self. And as happiness comes within, understanding yourself can bring a good change in your life.

9. Don’t compare yourself

If you keep on comparing yourself with others, you will always be disappointed in life. You might be bad at one thing, but surely be good at others. So, be yourself, live the way you want to live. And spread the positive vibes in your life.

10. Take care of your self

Another way to be happy is to take care of your body and mind. Like, you care for your loved ones, take care of yourself as well. Taking responsibility for yourself means you value your life.

11. Respect your self

Another tip on how to be happy is to respect yourself. Believing that you are good and worthy is one of the ways to respect yourself.


12. Be in love with your self

Loving yourself is one of the most significant therapy to be happy in life. As you love others, love yourself as well. It could be a great way to see life differently.

13. Love what you do

Another thing that could calm your quest for how to be happy is that love whatsoever you do. Liking what you do could motivate you to do more good things in life.

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14. Love your decision

After the process of loving what you do, the next is to love your decision. To make others respect your decision, first, you need to appreciate it. Moreover, it could also bring a smile to your face.

15. Be the best friend of your own

As your friends make your life better; being a friend of your own could help you to craft your life in the way you want. Also, it could assist you to enhance your personality.

16. Take enough sleep

Another therapy that helps you to be happy is by taking a rest. Taking 7-8 hours of sleep would be sufficient to refresh your mind. You can also take small naps of 15-20 minutes in a day to relax your mind.

17. Change the perception

If you want to see the magical power of happiness, you should change your perception of life. Changing perception could be a game-changer. So to bring this change, you can read some good self-help books. Or you can watch TEDx. You can find the best tips on life on this show.

18. Workout

In addition to how to be happy, working out would keep you healthy. If you feel fit, the ball comes into your court. So, start exercising today to live a happy life.

19. Spend time with friends

Friends are the ones who know you in and out. Right? Spending time with them can make your life easy. Making good friends and being with them could make your mind free from mental chatter. Also, they can make you learn new things as well.

20. Shopping

Girls would love this point. 😀 Shopping can not only release stress, but it could also bring a smile to your face. So, get something for yourself today or be the Santa of your life.

21. Be your self

My last tip on how to be happy is to be your own self. There is nothing to worry about. Let people think of what they want. But do not change yourself to make them happy. Be yourself, and people are going to accept you as you are.


To sum up on, how to be happy, I would say there could be many reasons to sit and cry over. But instead of thinking about it, if you will put some effort into shaping your life the way you want it, you can create wonders in your life. At last, being happy is something that solely depends on you. So, start finding reasons to be the change and make your self happy. 🙂

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